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Turnweld Engineering is your one-stop shop for metal fabrication on the Sunshine Coast. Turnweld Engineering can cut, fold, bend, machine, and weld almost any material. Here at Turnweld, we can fabricate on and off-site posts, beams and columns, toolboxes, trailers, benches, truck trays, tipper bodies, rails, skip bins, EWP repairs, EWP 3-month to 5/10 year inspections, steel structures, wood chipper repairs, hydraulic cylinder rods, and barrels, concrete moulds/man-hole moulds and so much more. We are your go-to when looking for a steel supplier on the Sunshine Coast and QLD for all kinds of steel, aluminium, structural steel fabrication projects, and more.

We are one of the last steel fabrication and metal jobbing workshops on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, and we take pride in all our work. We love to venture into new challenges for steel fabrication, machining, and repairs on the Sunshine Coast and QLD out of our workshop in Coolum Beach.

Three Stages of Steel Fabrication We Perform

There are three stages of steel fabrication that we perform in our workshop:

A worker fabricating the steel


Our workshop at Turnweld Engineering can accommodate any aluminium or steel-cutting requirements you might be after. Our steel fabrication services have access to multiple laser-cutting options. There is nothing that can't be cut! We offer in-house cutting to specific profiles and will never say no to any specialty cut throughout QLD. We have multiple options with gas cutting, plasma cutting, and off-site laser cutting.

Welder doing metal work wearing protective gear


Our warehouse has a 90-tonne brake press that stands firm on the floor and can fold common materials of all sizes. This brake press is a handy machine for all the steel fabrication services needed to make aluminium toolboxes, storage containers, ramps, trays, and other sheet metal folding work. Unfortunately, there is very little steel this one can fold.

steel fabrication on progress


With 6 mig welders, Tig welders and Oxy for welding all types of material from aluminium, stainless, mild steel, and cast steel of all sizes. We have access to structural crack testing (NDT) of critical welds to ensure they comply with all standards. There has never been a welding job that has been too big for our fabrication machinery for QLD! If there is one thing our specialised team knows how to do - it's weld. From trailer repairs, skip bin repairs or manufacturing, chipper bin repairs, Skid plate replacements, rock quarry upgrades, and crusher plant repairs, right down to the finer welds in life all across the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Sunshine Coast

If you need stainless steel fabrication, we can do that for you! We are your go-to, one-stop shop for custom metal fabrication on the Sunshine Coast. Most commonly used for thin stainless steel sections, TIG welding gives manufacturers more control over the weld compared to other welding processes such as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW). Thanks to our TIG welding facilities, our team can provide you with the best services for your need for stainless steel supplies on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Avoiding problems with your steel fabrication

Steel fabrication requires dedicated attention to technique, and problems within steel fabrication can be expensive to solve, time-consuming, and sometimes almost impossible to correct. By being cautious during the fabrication process, our team at Turnweld Engineering on the Sunshine Coast QLD will be able to avoid any issues with your final product.

Precision workmanship is a requirement, as the ultimate goal of any steel fabrication job should be to get it right the first time. Proper planning and design are essential to decrease the likelihood of any problems arising.

Let’s take a look at some of the most likely errors that can occur during the steel fabrication process and how we avoid them:


External Damage

Including scratches or gouges on the external surface is a big concern, as this can lead to future corrosion or tarnish (which can be a big problem, especially for structural steel). This also affects the final aesthetic of your aluminium or stainless steel pieces. Other surface contaminants in the steel include embedded iron and lose iron particles, residual adhesives from protective plastics, oil, grease, paint, grinding dust, weld spatter, and others.


Communication Problems

Like any other project, it's always a team effort. Everyone in every department involved in the steel fabrication production process should communicate and interact with one another to ensure all controls are in place. Our team has one aim- to deliver an exceptionally high-quality product that meets your steel fabrication requirements & expectations all across the Sunshine Coast and QLD.


Sub-optimal Machinery

Great workmanship without great machinery & equipment will never deliver quality aluminium, structural steel or other steel fabrication products. At Turnweld Engineering, our team aims to service our quality machinery regularly and ensure that our blades are sharp, our machines are firmly in place, and that we deliver steel fabrication products built to last.

Things We Make and Repair

  • Concrete Molds
  • Conveyor systems
  • Hydraulic system upgrades
  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Gates & Fences
  • Trailer builds
  • Onsite welding and repairs
  • Excavator pins and bush repair
  • Shut down repairs
  • Hydraulic hose replacements
  • Grates, plates, covers, manhole lids
  • Rails
  • Bin repairs and replacement
  • Fibreglass repairs
  • Custom design and build
  • Mobile welding services

At Turnweld Engineering, we ensure that any steel fabrication project we receive, whether small or large, is tactically worked on to deliver the best possible product. You will always work with a company with industry experience and an established reputation, and we work statewide, offering our services from Brisbane to Cairns. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and construction we are one of the few remaining steel fabrication and machining places left on the Sunshine Coast QLD.

For more information on how Turnweld Engineering can meet your industry needs for fabrication in Queensland, contact us today or come and see us at our Coolum Beach location.

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