Onsite welding and repairs sunshine coast

We are the onsite welding and steel repair experts on the Sunshine Coast. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and value quality results in every job.

At Turnweld, we have the team, skill, and equipment to bring our mobile welding services to you. Our welding solutions cover everything from machinery repairs, industrial repairs and general mobile welding.

Our Sunshine Coast welding team are certified welders and have the expertise to provide the best solutions for every project. Contact us for all your on-site steel and welding needs.

Our Onsite Welding Service Includes


Machinery repair

Our welding services often include mobile repairs of machinery, trucks, and equipment. Our mobile services mean you do not have to spend the time, manpower and money bringing your equipment in for repairs. We will come to your job site, project or business and take care of the welding and repairs wherever the machinery is located.

Infrastructure repair

Our Turnweld mobile welding services are the trusted name for infrastructure repairs. Whether the need for repair has happened gradually over time, in an accident or weather-related event, we can provide repair and maintenance solutions for every need from structural steel to welding fabrication and mobile welding repairs. This includes everything from gates and hinges, stairs and steel racks, window grills and louvers - we have experience with a wide variety of job types.

General on-site welding

Whatever your welding needs are - we have the equipment and team to provide you with the best, high-quality service. We have worked in a variety of different job sites with different needs from steel fabrication, structural steel fixing, and welding and general repairs. Whatever the welding project, we are the Sunshine Coast welding team of choice!

Where We Work

We work on location all over the Sunshine Coast region! Our mobile services and welding services can come to you wherever you are located on the Coast. From the Southern Caloundra end of the Coast to the central Maroochydore area, all the way up to Noosa - we have your welding services covered.

Who We Are

Our team is made up of certified welders, going beyond the average uncertified welder's skills and ensuring our practices are kept at high standards. We value quality in all our work and always aim to get the job done on time. We place a priority on your experience, ensuring you get good communication and friendly service every time.

We have a wealth of industry experience, starting work on the Sunshine Coast in 1997 with a warehouse in Kunda Park. Our workshop has since grown and expanded, now located in Coolum, QLD on the Sunshine Coast. Our mobile services cover the entire Sunshine Coast meaning you can get our welding expertise and assistance wherever your project is based.

Contact Us

We would love to hear from you about how our mobile welding and steel servicing can help you. Contact us today to speak to one of our steel and welding experts.