Gold Coast’s Big Octopus

It was a job like no other. Receiving plans and CAD drawings of a proposed design to build a giant steel framed octopus was an exciting but nerve racking decision, saying to our self’s “sure it won’t be an issue”.
It was of great discussion in the office on how this was going to be executed not to mention how do we even quote such a job.

All I can say is it challenged the intellect of our team and pushed the boundaries of metal fabrication, but as we look at the final master piece in its glory we think to our self’s “of course we would do it again”Thank you to Pico Play for allowing Turnweld Engineering to be part of such a memorable project. Thank you to Fero for patiently galvanizing the sections. We love to diversify our skills, defy logic and complete jobs like no other. It challenges the team and keeps it interesting.

The Design Phase

The Build Phase

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