Aluminium Fabrication Sunshine Coast

We are the industry-leading metal and aluminium fabricators in Sunshine Coast wide. We have supplied the Sunshine Coast Region with aluminium fabrication, welding, and other metal fabrication services for over 20 years. We are one of the last remaining workshops on the Sunshine Coast.

At Turnweld Engineering, we ensure that any aluminium fabrication project we receive, no matter how small or large, is tactically worked on to deliver the best possible product. We are in the Sunshine Coast region, but our skills and expertise have been used on projects all over Queensland and Australia.

Metal Machining on the Sunshine Coast

Turnweld Engineering is the Metal machining on the Sunshine Coast one stop shop. Above all Turnweld Engineering have the capabilities to cut, fold, bend, machine and weld almost any material for any job.
Turnweld Engineering is still manufacturing our TW trawl blocks that are proven to withstand the harsh seas for any trawl operator, from 8″ to 16″ there is a trawl block and snap side ready to be made to order, also introducing a complete stainless steel version.
As a result we are one of the last Jobbing workshops around, we certainly take pride in all our work and love to venture into new challenges for Metal fabrication and machining and repairs on the sunshine coast. Dont forget we run out mobile workshop if your in need.

What we do

We offer an extensive range of metal services from our Sunshine Coast-based workshop. We can care for all your metalwork needs, including aluminium fabrication, welding, and machining. We work with various metals and materials, including aluminium, stainless steel, sheet metal and structural metal.

Aluminium Fabrication

We are experts in aluminium fabrication, welding and other services. Our workshop is fully equipped for any aluminium cutting, folding, fabrication, welding, and more.

We can cater to commercial, industrial or residential projects in the Sunshine Coast Region. Some of our projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Ladders and Ramps
  • Machine, Truck and Car steel parts and accessories
  • Tool Boxes and Storage
  • Custom Fuel Tanks and Water Tanks
  • Boat Cradles, Modifications and Repairs
  • Custom work platforms
  • Custom awnings
  • Gates and Fencing
  • Grates, covers and manhole lids
  • Custom bins and repairs
Mill machining

Our NC mill that is capable of almost any ID boring or re surfacing of your item. Our machinist is one smart fella when it comes to removing any material off any surface. Weather it be vertical or horizontal, drill, groove, key way, slot and plunge anything you like.


Our Sunshine Coast workshop can accommodate any aluminium fabrication cutting requirements that you could need. Our aluminium fabrication team has access to various laser-cutting options and equipment. There is nothing that can't be cut! We offer in-house cutting to specific profiles and can provide solutions for any speciality cut. We have multiple options for gas, plasma, and off-site laser cutting when working on aluminium fabrication.


Our Sunshine Coast warehouse has a 90-tonne brake press that stands firm on the floor and can fold whatever sized aluminium metal is needed. This brake press is a handy machine for all the steel fabrication services required to make aluminium toolboxes, storage containers, ramps, trays, and other sheet metal folding work. There is very little steel this machine can't fold.

Assembly (Aluminium Welding Sunshine Coast)

We have 6 mig, Tig and Oxy welders for aluminium fabrication welding in our Sunshine Coast workshop. We have access to structural crack testing (NDT) of critical welds to ensure they comply with all standards, providing all our aluminium fabrication welding meets the highest quality standard. There has never been an aluminium fabrication welding job that has been too big for our machinery in the Sunshine Coast region! If there is one thing our specialised team knows how to do - it's aluminium fabrication welding. From trailer repairs, skip bin repairs and manufacturing, chipper bin repairs, skid plate replacements, rock quarry upgrades, and crusher plant repairs, right down to the finer welds - we do it all across the Sunshine Coast region in QLD.

Aluminium Supplies Sunshine Coast

Contact us if you have a project on the Sunshine Coast and need help with your metal or steel fabrication. We can help you find the supplies and organise your fabrication project. We know the best suppliers and where to get the best materials and equipment. We will help make your next metal project a success.

About Us

We are one of the last steel fabrication and metal jobbing workshops in the Sunshine Coast Region, and we indeed take pride in all our work.

We love to venture into new challenges for steel fabrication, machining, and repairs on the Sunshine Coast out of our workshop in Coolum Beach.

We value quality in every aspect of our work, from customer service to metal fabrication. Sunshine Coast locals and businesses can expect nothing but the best from us. Our list of happy customers, serviced from either our Sunshine Coast-based workshop or mobile team, includes:

  • Australian Tube Mills
  • Cleanaway
  • Coates Hire
  • Energex
  • Holcim Quarries
  • Hy-Tec Industries
  • JJ.Richards
  • Whale bins
  • Noosa Council
  • SEQ Water
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Council
  • Thiess Services
  • Transpacific Industries
  • Unity Water
  • Visy Recycling

Valuing Quality

Metalwork requires dedicated attention to detail and technique. Problems within steel fabrication can be expensive to fix, time-consuming, and sometimes almost impossible to correct. By being cautious during the fabrication process, our team can avoid any issues with your final product, giving you a quality finish.

Precision quality is a requirement, as the ultimate goal of any custom metal fabrication job should be to get it right the first time. Proper planning and design are essential to decrease the likelihood of any problems arising. Two major areas some metalwork companies need help with and need to provide high-level results are their communication and equipment. This is part of what makes us the best metal fabricators in the Sunshine Coast region.

When it comes to communication, we make sure we work as a team. Every person in every department involved in the production process communicates and interacts with one another to ensure all the right controls are in place. Our team has one aim- to deliver an exceptionally high-quality product that meets your requirements & expectations.

Our machinery and equipment are also states of the art. We service our machinery regularly and ensure that our blades are sharp, our machines are firmly in place, and we deliver products built to last.

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