Bringing new customers with consistency and reliability

metal gear partTurnweld was first established in 1997 and has just changed ownership in 2018. However, we are still carrying over its knowledge within the team. We are one of the fewer Metal fabrication and machining places left on the Sunshine Coast.

Turnweld has always successfully combined fabrication and machining. We have found that they both go hand in hand. However, we are becoming a rarity within the industry when it comes to completing all steel work from start to finish in-house.

Therefore it is easier and more cost-effective for customers if we provide the service of both fabrication and machining. With our customers in mind, it will also save your business from suffering additional downtime.

We have incorporated hydraulics into the mix with hose fitting, repairs and component replacements. Turnweld Engineering now includes many skills to achieve most to all necessary work.

We now work with blissmechanics.com.au for all our mechanical work needed to complete the job promptly and in the shed.

We service many industries and have extensive experience in working with organizations with large fleets and plant requirements. This means that we repair trucks and heavy earth moving equipment, maintenance and upgrade to quarries, recycle plants and concrete plants, and fabrication and repair all types of bins, big and small.

We do many “one-off jobs”, so don’t feel you are alone with your project.

With offers to state-wide services from Brisbane to Cairns, we have always had a local focus and have worked hard to build long-term relationships with our loyal customers.

Lastly, we care about safety and team management, with strategies implemented to track orders, work, times, safety and health.

When we send our team onsite, we feel that all aspects of the job will be covered.

What we pride:

  • Loyalty
  • Safe work
  • Team work
  • Family owned
  • Local support
  • Quality products
  • Quality standards
  • Working together
  • Quick response
  • Enthusiastic environment
  • Quality control
  • Honesty
  • Equality
  • Knowledge
  • Skill
metal worker hat and equipments