Tipper Body Fabrication & Repair

We are the Sunshine Coast's premier team for tipper body fabrication and repair. With an enduring presence spanning over 20 years, Turnweld Engineering has been diligently servicing Queensland, offering exceptional craftsmanship in the realm of metal and stainless steel works.

Specialising in custom solutions, our seasoned team efficiently caters to a range of industries, ranging from waste management to mining, through both in-house and mobile on-site services. Your vehicle, whether requiring meticulous maintenance or comprehensive body repairs, is in excellent hands. Contact us today to discover the undeniable quality of our tipper body services.

What We Do

At Turnweld Engineering, we are artisans of metal, offering excellent service in the world of tipper body fabrication and repair. Our expertise lies in the meticulous crafting and repairing of tipper bodies for all models of utes, aligning with the highest standards of quality and precision. Utilising our resources and knowledge, each project is a testament to our understanding of a range of industry nuances. Our services offer innovation, proficiency, and unwavering commitment, ensuring that your vehicle operates at its pinnacle of performance and reliability.

Our Services

Turnweld Experience the pinnacle of convenience with our localised services on the Sunshine Coast. Our mobile equipment allows us to come to your job site or place of business to assess your truck and the fabrication and/or repair needs. Whether you're seeking minor modifications to your trucks or a large-scale project, our flexibility and expertise will save you both time and money.

Our refined approach minimises downtime, allowing for a seamless operational flow so you and your vehicles can get back to work as soon as possible. Embrace a service that comes to you, bolstering productivity and expediting project completion times with unparalleled professionalism and proficiency.

Our Workshop

Situated in the heart of Coolum on Queensland's vibrant Sunshine Coast, our workshop stands as a hub of innovation and excellence in tipper body fabrication and repair. Here, in an environment with state-of-the-art equipment and a team with unmatched workmanship, we bring your projects to life.

From an up-and-coming family business to a large-scale industrial company, we work with a wide range of QLD businesses. Whether you're looking to repair parts of your fleet of trucks, utes or in need of bespoke fabrication for particular models, we're here to help. In our manufacturing workshop, convenience meets mastery, ensuring that each project meets our highest standards in customer service and steel manufacturing.

Our Team


When it comes to welding, craftmanship, aluminium, and steel fabrication, our team at Turnweld Engineering is the pinnacle of experience and dedication to delivering top-quality results in Australia. Our journey, rich with varied projects involving utes, vans, and commercial trailers, started in 1997 on the Sunshine Coast.

Specialising in a spectrum of services from tipper body fabrication to chassis design and tray modifications, our team seamlessly blends traditional techniques with innovative approaches. For a comprehensive quote or more info, please reach out to us and give us a call.


The certified craftsmen of the Turnweld Engineering team prioritise unparalleled quality and Australian industry standards. With every project, whether it involves the precision of tipper body fabrication or the nuanced mechanics of ute and van body repair, our employees uphold a tradition of excellence. They ensure that each task and every single product is unmatched in integrity. Quality isn't just a priority but a defining pillar of our business. We believe in working hard and getting the repairs done right the first time.

Tray Body Fabrication and Repair

Features & Benefits

  • Fits any type of single or dual cab ute.
  • Strong steel frame for either camper use or general-purpose tray use.
  • Designed in Australia, universal assembly for all most every length ute and Van tray.

Optional Extras

  • Alloy trays, canopies, steel trays, and toolboxes.

What Brands Do You Work With?

  • Toyota, Ford, Mazda, and most ute types.

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