EWP and Scissor lift Inspections
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EWP 10-Year Major Inspection Checklist & Requirements

Turnweld Engineering has now taken on the work of 3 monthly 5 & 10-year inspections on any EWP (Elevated Work Platform), Scissor lift and (Concrete pump six yearly). Servicing areas from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Gympie, Maryborough and beyond for all the major EWP inspections.

Having over ten years of rebuilding and certifying all makes and models of EWP from LG, Versalift, Terex, Abbey, Stelco, Altec, GMJ, RG and more.

What we do is carry out a full inspection with a machine and fabrication shop in-house. With the equipment to make all pins, bushes, cylinders, repairs, slid pads, covers all hydraulic hoses and much more to keep the work flowing and minimise downtime on parts.

We have excellent access to various companies to supply the right product at the right time when needed. All towers are disassembled, prepped for crack testing, repaired (if required) then re-assembled.

Safety being number one, it is in our best interest to comply with all EWP AS2550-10 standards to ensure your machine is as safe and legal as possible. Please feel free to call or send an inquiry online to find out more.

Drop in with your tower so we can inspect and estimate what it might cost to get you back in the air.

EWP Inspections Process

Step 1: Consult with you and inspect the EWP to base an estimate for the cost.

Step 2: With your approval, we will arrange a booking time to start the inspection.

Step 3: Disassemble and inspect each item for serviceability or replacement of parts. Prep all welds ready for NDT (nondestructive testing) of critical welds.
Begin to repair any defective items or areas of concern. Inspect pins, bushes, hoses, bolts, rotation gears, hydraulics and components, electrical safety switches, and LV insulation (where present).

Step 4: Assemble EWP back to its former self in compliance with AS/NZ 2550 part 10 standards, ensuring all items pass requirements and safety. Some upgrades may be needed pending EWP age and history.

Step 5: When all is back together, we conduct a stability test on EWPs (scissor lifts do not require this process) and electrical testing for all insulated EWPs. Once both pass the test, we will run the tower through its paces to ensure no fouling of covers, snagging of hoses, and creaking of pins.

Step 6: Fill out the paperwork, fit an inspection plate, and hand it back into service for another five years of work.

Please understand that the safety of all towers inspected is our most important duty.

If you need help finding the make or model of the tower you have for parts, please call, as we can source most EWP parts from GMJ, Altec, Stelco, LG Travel towers, RG, Terex, Versalift, etc.

If we can not source, we can replicate without machine shop.

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